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Glenwood Springs Volkswagen
100 Riverine Rd.
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
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New VW Sales: (866) 308-1836  
Service: (888) 858-7549
Pre-owned Sales: (866) 908-9735  
Parts: (800) 491-1066

Elk Mountain Motors Ambassador Club

The best part of the "Ambassador Club"  is getting an "AWARD" for successfully recommending Elk Mountain Motors to your family, friends and co-workers. In addition to becoming recognized and rewarded, you become a valued member of the Elk Mountain Motors "Ambassador" family. 

What is an "Ambassador?" An "Ambassador" is any previous customer, friend or employee who desires to refer customers, "Guests," to Elk Mountain Motors, but taking certain simple steps as listed below. 

What better way to advertise than to have satisfied customers and friends like you helping us create more satisfied customers. The "AWARDS" we reward come from our advertising budget and will never be added to the price of your guests purchase.

Referrals or "Guests" will be accounted for on an annual basis. On January 1st of each year, everyone will start a new "Season." Elk Mountain Motors will send you an "AWARD" each time one of our Sale Consultants "Instructors" successfully delivers a vehicle to a "Guest" that you refer!

In addition to receiving "AWARDS," "Ambassadors" and their "Guests" will be invited to attend an annual appreciation and recognition dinner party.

 So, here's how the "Award Chart" works:


1st Guest - $100
2nd Guest - $100
3rd Guest - $100
4th Guest - $150
5th Guest - $150
6th Guest - $150
 7th Guest - $200
8th Guest - $200
9th Guest - $200
10th Guest - $250
Each Additional Guest - $250

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